Serbian Studies is the inter-disciplinary peer-reviewed journal of the North American Society for Serbian Studies, published biannually in the United States by Slavica Publishers. The journal is distributed to over one hundred eighty libraries in North America and abroad, and to the members of the Society. Current and previous issues are available from the publisher ( The journal is in the process of digitalization (see below).

In circulation since 1980, the journal invites scholarly articles on subjects pertaining to Serbian culture and society past and present, and across fields and disciplines. The journal also welcomes archival documents, source materials, and book reviews. Contributors to Serbian Studies include scholars affiliated with a broad range of institutions around the world, as well as those engaged in independent scholarship.

Manuscripts should be submitted by e-mail ( to co-editors, Ljubica D. Popovich and Lilien F. Robinson, for initial evaluation. After that, articles are sent for peer review to scholars in the appropriate fields. Articles must be submitted in English, and should not exceed 8000 words, excluding foot/endnotes. Formatting should be consistent with The Chicago Manual of Style. Graphic and photographic images are also accepted (jpeg format only).


This collection of essays pays tribute to Radmila (Rajka) Jovanović Gorup’s different areas of expertise and demonstrates the diapason of her scholarly and personal impact on the Slavic and linguistics scholarly communities. The essays cover a range of topics of contemporary scholarship, ranging from sociolinguistics to Danube studies and Serbian postmodern art. They represent a cross-section of scholarly debates on Serbian literature, culture, theory, sociology, and aesthetics – in fact, a microcosm of Slavic Studies and Comparative Literature, which mirror Rajka’s life-long interest in diversity and transculture.

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МОЛБА ЗА ПРИКУПЉАЊЕ СЕРБИКЕ, Народна библиотека Србије

Moлимо Вас да Народној библиотеци Србије помогнете у великом и за националну културу изузетно важном послу - у прикупљању сербике тако што ћете све књиге које сте написали, као и новине или часописе где су објављени Ваши текстови послати Народној библиотеци Србије.

Детаљнија обавештења и критеријуме СЕРБИКЕ погледате у тексту у прилогу.

Најтоплије Вам захваљујемо и желимо свако добро.

Ивана Николић
Начелник Одељења селективне набавке
Народна Библиотека Србије


We are sending this kind invitation to all members to help the National Library of Serbia in a large project of great significance for Serbian national culture - the collection of Serbica. Please send all your publications (books, articles in collections, journals, or newspapers) to the National Library of Serbia,

Detailed explanation and guidelines (in Serbian) available here.

We are grateful for your kind help in this project.

Ivana Nikolić
Head of Acquisitions Department
National Library of Serbia

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