The Ružica Popovitch-Krekić Special Fund

Established in memory of Ružica Popovitch-Krekić by her sister Ljubica D. Popovich, the purpose of this Special Fund is to assist with the scholarly needs of members, associates, and participants in the publications and conferences of the North American Society for Serbian Studies.

The Special Fund will be administered by the Executive Board of the North American Society for Serbian Studies (NASSS) to which proposals should be directed. To receive funding the application must be approved by three members of the Board. Support may be allocated for a broad variety of purposes, including but not limited to, textual translation, illustration costs, other special publication or conference presentation needs.

Tax exempt contributions to the Ružica Popovitch-Krekić Special Fund are invited and may be directed to the Treasurer of the North American Society for Serbian Studies:

Sonja Kotlica
1301 Delaware Avenue SW
Washington, D.C., 20024